Services for Individuals and Families

The first account we opened was for an individual client.  Serving as trustee and investment manager for families and individuals has grown and continues to be a core service.  We enjoy working with our clients to find solutions to the issues facing them which work best for them and which honor the terms of the documents governing our work. 

In addition to our role as trustee and investment manager, we can serve as co-trustee, as agent for the trustee, and as executor.  We work not only with publicly traded stock and bond investments but with closely held businesses, private stock, real estate, partnerships and other less liquid assets.

As investment advisor, we offer a full spectrum of management.  Some styles are managed internally, such as the dividend growth portfolio (see that section), for others we may engage an outside investment advisor.  In all cases, the needs of our clients drive the decision making process.

For more information about our services please give us a call at 615.591.0044 or click here to contact us.